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History Screen

History Screen

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History Screen

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Below is a screen shot of a sample history screen. The History screen can be viewed from Payments, Customer Inquiry or the On Screen Account Manager by pushing F12. If you want to see history for just one contract you can push F12 from the contract detail screen (F8 from Payments then click o contract you wish to see detail for). The elements of the history screen will be detailed below.



Receipt#: This is the receipt number for the transaction. The letter the receipt number starts with tells you what kind of transaction it is, each is described below:

R = New Rental Loaded

P = Payment transaction

D = Due date moved

C = Contract closed

N = NSF Check Loaded

B = Transaction reversed or backed out

V = NSF Load Reversed

S = Retail Sale transaction


Paid: This is the date the transaction took place

Due: This was the due date at the time the transaction was done

Nxt Due: This was the next due date after the transaction was done

Contract: The contract number the transaction was for

Late#: The number of days late the customer was at the time of the transaction.

PMT: The rental amount (or sale amount for retail) that was paid.

GRP/Fee: Damage waiver fees paid

Club/Int: Club or interest paid (interest for installment sales or revolving charge sales)

Other: Other charges paid

Tax: Tax paid

Total: The total amount for the transaction.

PF: Payment Form C = Cash, K = Check, O = Money Order, M = Mastercard, V = Visa, A = AmEx, D = Discover, B = Debit, H = ACH. 1,2 and 3 are the custom payment forms you setup in store setup.

Empl: The employee who processed the transaction. Note this will only be saved if the function was password protected or your system is setup for employees to log in when they start RTO Pro.

Time: The time the transaction was done.

Check#: The check number if paid by check, if paid by credit card the approval number goes here if you use Xcharge.

Field Receipt: Field receipt number or the explanation (if entered) when a due date is moved.

For RTO Pro Webpay payments the "Field Receipt" field in payment history will be flagged as follows:

web: = normal web payment

web:P = IVR / Phone pay payment

web:A = autopay through Webpay

web:Q = quickpay through Webpay



To print the history out you can press F12 while the history screen is displayed. When you have history displayed for a single contract and print it out more info about the contract will be printed, such as contract amount, amount paid, balance etc.



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