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Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing

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Integrated Credit Card Processing

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RTO Pro now has integrated credit card, debit card and check guarantee processing capabilities. This allows you to process the cards through your computer via modem or an Internet connection.

If you are not accepting credit cards now you can set up account with any credit card processor and use the integrated credit card capabilities in RTO Pro instead of purchasing or leasing expensive credit card terminals.


For more information about Credit Card processing capabilities call 800-351-6299


Comparison of using Integrated Credit Card processing vs. Credit Card Terminals.




Integrate X- Charge w/ RTO Pro

Credit Card Terminal


$0.00 Included for FREE with RTO Pro

$1500 to $2000 or $49.95 x 36 months

Credit Card Reader



Pin Pad for Debit Cards

$199.00 (optional)

$200 to $300

Receipt Printer Star TSP100

$299.00 (use for RTO Pro receipts also)


Total Cost

$607.00 (with Debit capability and receipt printer)

$1700 to $2300.00



Details of X-charge credit card processing


Through a strategic partnership with RTO Pro Software , X Charge is proud to offer all our clients access to the highest quality credit card processing and payment solutions.  Setting up your merchant account and payment gateway has never been so easy!

With this program you will be able to accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards with:

        Funds deposited directly into your Business Checking Account

        Enjoy Gross Daily Settlement of your Visa/MasterCard sales

        Accounts INCLUDE real time Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal

        Debit Cards treated exactly as Credit Cards with LOWER rates

Schedule of Fees:

        NO Application Fee

        NO Annual Fees

        NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees

        NO Termination Penalties

        NO Batch Header Fees

        1.77% VISA and 1.87% MasterCard and Discover Qualified Discount Rate on Credit Cards

        $0.19 per item (transaction) on Credit Card

        1.49% with a $0.23 per item (transaction) on Debit cards

        $10.00 Monthly Service Fee (includes Monthly Statement)

        $10.00 Monthly support fee covers:

       All future upgrades of X Charge software (NEVER again pay for a new version)

       7 day a week support for software and transactions.

        Toll Free Customer Support with TECH SUPPORT all in ONE call



X-Charge™ Integrated Credit Card Processing Software is a valuable and cost effective solution.  Listed below are just a few of our many benefits:




CURRENT WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY- Security updates occur that require merchants to purchase or lease new terminals in order to remain current in technology advances. Failure to update may cost merchants higher processing costs. The X-Charge software stays in pace with these new technologies and updates are shipped to merchants. Upon receipt, merchants simply contact tech support for simple installation instructions, allowing merchants to remain current and never be subjected to higher processing costs!


ELIMINATE ERROR AND FRAUD- Using our software solutions and X-Charge requires no re-keying of sales amounts. The amount tendered in the program is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge. This integration virtually eliminates the chance for fraud or error!


STREAMLINE PROCESSES- Every credit card transaction has a corresponding transaction within X-Charge, never missed or erroneously keyed.


EXTRA COUNTERSPACE- X-Charge software runs directly on the your RTO Pro station, replacing standalone bank terminals, reducing the clutter at the checkout counter and providing more valuable space for selling.


SPEED UP PAYMENT PROCESSING- Credit Card transactions are authorized in less than 15 seconds via modem; 2 to 3 seconds using high speed Internet!


EASY TO LEARN/SIMPLE TO USE- Your clerks simply tender the sale normally and swipe the customer’s credit card - X-Charge does the rest!  Your clerks do not need to move from the RTO Pro station, to the standalone terminal, back to the RTO Pro station.


INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- No longer will you have to issue a RTO Pro System receipt and a separate credit card receipt. One receipt provides a more professional solution.


NETWORK FLEXIBILITY- Rather than having one or multiple credit card terminals and printers for a network of RTO Pro stations, X-Charge allows you to have one modem and one telephone line.  X-Charge also allows you to process via High Speed Internet eliminating multiple or single phone lines.


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER- X-Charge can print meaningful management reports, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and user defined time period reporting.  Much more information than stand alone credit card terminals can provide!


Applying for an Internet Certified Merchant Account is a quick and easy process.


If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please contact X-charge at: 888-414-6290



PCI Compliance notice

X-Charge is a PA-DSS validated payment application and is integrated into RTO Pro. Starting with version RTO Pro 5.5.6 our integration method isolates cardholder data from our software. By utilizing XCharge as the only module that handles cardholder data, we follow industry best practices. PA-DSS does not apply to our software because it applies only to applications that store, process or transmit cardholder data.



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