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Customer Listing / Labels / Form Letters

Customer Listing / Labels / Form Letters

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Customer Listing / Labels / Form Letters

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Customer Menu Option "3"

The customer listing report will display or print your customer and contract information for active and or inactive customers. Options are listed below.

Type Accounts: Choices below

Open Accounts: Report of active customer / contracts.

All Retail Accounts: Report of all retail sale accounts open or closed.

Loaner Customers: Report of customers with loaners.

Open Cash Advance: Report of all open Cash Advance Loan customers.

Closed Accounts: Report of closed contracts, you will be able to select the closed types when you select this option.

Open Retail Only: Report of open retail sales only.

Open Rental Only: Report of open rental agreements only.

All Customers: This can only be used for labels or form letters, it will return all customers in you database.

Missing Zone Report: This report will list customers and the zone assigned to them, this report makes it easy to verify zone settings or find customers who have no zone assigned to them.

Include All Status's: This report will return all customer who have ever had any agreements with you no matter what the current status.

Contract Salesman Rep: This will display a simplified report that shows contract salesman information.

Tax Zone Report: This will display a simplified report that shows Tax Zone information, this is useful to verify Tax Zones are setup correctly.


Contract Date Range: You can enter a contract date range if you want to return only contracts between given dates. Leave blank to return all contract dates.

Report only customers with ? months or less remaining: If you want to return only customers with a certain # of months or less remaining, enter the # here.

Detail, Summary or Labels: Detail will return all data, summary will return only a 1 page summary with the counts on it, labels will print labels for the customers returned.

¨ Print Form Letter below instead of report: This option will send a form letter to everyone who would be on the report according to the options you set. You can select a letter to use or create one by clicking the appropriate buttons. If there is already a file name in the box you can click on create to edit it. This can be used to print form letters or to Email form letters. When you click on the "Select" button you will see the letter screen where there are 2 sets of letters each has their own tab, "Letters to Print" and "Letters to Email". Select the correct tab to print or email then select the letter you wish to use.

¨ Show Inv. Stock # instead of Ser. #: Check this box if the want the stock #'s of inventory printed instead of serial numbers on the report.

Contract Types to Include in Report: Choose the contract types you wish to include in the report. Note for some of the "Type Accounts" choices this is ignored, for instance if you select "Open Retail Only" only retail contracts will be included no matter which contract types you have checked here.

Zone: If you want to report customers from only 1 zone enter that zone here.

Salesman: If you want the report to return only contracts sold by a certain salesman enter that salesman here.

¨ Show Tax Zones Checkbox: Check this box if you want the customers Tax Zones displayed in the report.

¨ AutoPay Contracts ONLY Checkbox: Check this box if you only want to display contracts that are setup to be paid automatically by AutoPay.

Ratings / Statuses to include list box: Check the ¨ for customer ratings / statuses you wish to be included in the report. You can click on "Ratings / Statuses to include" line to check / un-check all.

Only Show Contracts Open on this Date: Enter a date here if you want to include all contracts that were open (active) on a given date no matter what the current status is. Note this is only available when running the report for active agreements.

Press the F5 key to begin the report.

"Show ALL Customer Records in Custom Report" button: If you click this button all customer records will be displayed in the customizable report layout. With this format only the customer info will be displayed no contract information. From the custom report screen you can rearrange fields, remove fields you do not want displayed, export to various formats and also print the results.


"Contracts Printed but not Loaded Report" button: This report will display all contracts that have been printed but not loaded. This is useful to make sure no contracts are misplaced or lost. This information is also displayed in the End of Day Report unless it is disabled.


Exporting Customer Address Information

RTO Pro can export customer address information for use with an external program or company, such as an advertising company creating a mailing for you. To use this function you select Labels type report from Customer Listing. Set the other options on the report to include only the customer you want.

You can choose any label type when you are prompted to select a label. When the labels are displayed on the screen at the bottom you will see a tool bar like the one below.


Click on the suitcase icon to export the records. You can export records in many different formats including Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Comma Separated Values, HTML, Word for Windows plus many others.

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