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Inventory Menu Option "6"

This is to flip or transfer inventory from one agent to another usually from a retail agent to a rental agent. When you go into this the agents you set up for depreciation will come up on the flip to side. See Agent Maintenance to set up agent depreciation.

When the correct From and To Agent are highlighted push F5 to begin search. If there are any pieces that need to be flipped then a list will come up showing the items. Select the items to flip by pushing the space bar then push F12 when finished.

A list box will come up for you to select which Flip Template to use (See Flip Templates below). A report will be printed showing the items that were rented under the From Agent, which will be flipped to the TO Agent, which will then begin being depreciated when you run the DEPRECIATION REPORT.

The items that were sold out of the From Agent will also be on the report. These items balances will be set to zero. You can use this part of the report to keep track of your retail cost.

To view the detail information about a inventory item on the list you can double click on the item with the mouse or push ENTER when the item is highlighted.

You can generate a preview report, which shows information about all items in the list by clicking on the "Preview Report" button or pushing Alt-P.

This procedure should be run at least every month before the DEPRECIATION REPORT is run for the Rental Agents.

Flip Templates

A Flip Template is a form in which the information will be printed under. For example it could have the Agents name and address and your stores name and account #. This is useful if you have a floorplan agent which you must send flip reports or sold inventory reports to you can customize a Template file for each agent you use and select the one for the agent you are flipping. A sample Flip Template is installed with the program called "SAMPLE.TMP" it will be in the FLIPS subdirectory for the RTO Pro Program. You can customize the sample file and also create as many additional files as you need. To create or customize a file use a text editor such as the Notepad which comes with Windows. The files must be saved with a ".TMP" extension and must be in the FLIPS subdirectory. For example if RTO Pro was installed into the default directory of "C:\RTOwin", then the Flip Template’s would be in the "C:\RTOwin\FLIPS" directory (on a network system they would be saved on the server computer).

Flips are not commonly used anymore, they were mainly for use when you have a finance company who floorplans or finances your inventory. In most cases you only need one Inventory Agent and only have to run depreciation reports, not flip reports.

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