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Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

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Inventory Reports

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Inventory Menu Option "4"

This is to print or display reports showing information on inventory. The default report will print all inventory.

Note that any closed and re-opened contracts will throw off BOR counts.


If you want to include only one model # enter it in the model # box.

To run only certain categories tab to the category box and press any button then select the categories you wish to run by pushing space bar to mark.

To run by a certain received date enter a begin date and an end date.

Make sure you select the status's you wish to include in the report, to include all status's you can either select all or leave all unselected.

The transaction dates is for when you select sold, rented or paid out status, and you want only pieces that were sold etc. between certain dates.

Then next option is to display or print, press any key in this box to change.

To run by agents, tab to agent box and press any key, then use space bar to select which agents.

The next option is for RBV/balance selections, the options are All RBV, RBV > 0 and RBV = 0. To select use the arrow up and down after you tab to this box. RBV Balance is the remaining book value of the inventory. Remaining book value is the amount left to depreciate. An example would be if an item cost 200 and you have claimed 25 in depreciation the RBV would = 175.00.

The final option is for what information is to be shown on report, your options are Show Description, Show Financial Agent Info (which would show agent and balance instead of description), 3 Line Report(which will show most inventory information but will take up 3 lines per item) or Tangible Property Layout.

The Tangible Property Layout will print items separated by the year of beginning depreciation, this is useful when filling out state or county tangible property reports which are required in some states.

Push F5 to begin report.



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