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There are several menu’s in the program. A menu is basically a list of things that you can do. You can select a menu item by using the tab or arrow buttons to select an item then push ENTER to go into it. If the menu items have a number to the left of them you can simply push the number on the keyboard to go into it.

Example: on the Main Menu the following is listed.

1.Point of Sale

2.Customer Menu

3.Inventory Menu

To go to the Inventory menu simply push 3.

Any menu item or button that has a character underlined such as "Print", can activate that command by clicking the "ALT" key plus the underlined character.  "ALT P" for "Print"

And of course you can also use the mouse to click on your selection. This program like most Windows program’s has a point and click interface, but you can also do everything without the mouse which will save you time switching your hands from the keyboard to the mouse constantly.


Watch a demo video on our website on how to customize My Menu.

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