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Security Features

Security Features

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Security Features

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Main Menu Option "5" Setup Option "5"

RTO Pro has many security features built into it. We will discuss a few of them here. Not all security features are documented so that your employees know only what you want them to know about the security features.

The master password is only used to get into the security screen, so you should set this password and only give it to employees that you want to be able to access the security features.

RTO Pro provides 5 levels of password protection. If you wish to enable these features you assign your employees a user name (usually their initials) a password and a user level 1-5. You then give the functions you want to password protect an access level.

For example lets say you give your employee Joe an access level of 2, and you set taking payments to a level 1, moving due dates a level 2 and deleting inventory a level 5. Joe would be able to take payments, and move due dates, but he would not be able to delete inventory.

There are 2 ways of requiring a password. One way is to require a password for each function. This way would require you to enter a password each time you perform a password-protected function. The other method is to require a password at startup of RTO Pro and allow the logged in person access to anything they are allowed to do the entire session until log off.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If there are many people using the same computer you should probably require a password for each function, that way you do not have to continuously log on and off. This would prevent the possibility of someone forgetting to log off and someone else accessing an area that they are not supposed to.

If there are not a lot of people using a computer, the password at startup is easier, this way you don’t have to re-enter your password so often.


While in the security screen push the F1 key for more info about security settings.

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