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RTO Pro Date Warnings

RTO Pro Date Warnings

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RTO Pro Date Warnings

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Warning Message:

"Computer shows today's date as ??/??/????

However RTO pro shows the last date ran as ??/??/????

The dates in the computer are very important as RTO Pro uses them in charging late fees and in BOR count records.


If today's date is ??/??/???? then you should reset the last run date for RTO Pro. You do this in the Security Screen (Setup Menu option 5), then click the ""Reset Last Run Date"" link at the lower right hand side of the screen.


If the date is wrong exit RTO Pro and fix the system date then restart RTO Pro."



What causes this message? A computer on your network(or maybe even your computer)  has accessed RTO Pro while their computer date had a different date than the date your computer currently shows as the current date.  


What can I do to fix this?

1. Make sure all computers on your network have the correct date and time. Date and time is set in Windows... NOT RTO Pro. Set the computers date and time through control panel or by double clicking on the Windows date time in the Windows Task Bar (usually on the lower right of your screen).

2. Go into RTO Pro > Setup Menu > Security, then click the link on the lower right "Reset Last Run Date".


Why can the last run date only be reset in Security? Employees changing dates in the computer and then running RTO Pro could be a sign of attempted theft, for this reason only managers or owners should be able to reset last run date as they should be made aware of this message.



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