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Contract Info Page

Contract Info Page

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Contract Info Page

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The contract info page can be accessed by pushing F8 from the payment screen. This description of each field displayed is below:


Contract #: The customers contract #

Open Date: The date the contract was opened.

Type: The type of contract R = Rent to Own; L = Lease to Own; T = Rent to Rent; C = Cash Advance; S = Retail Sale

Term: Weekly, monthly etc.

Total: This is the total contract amount including tax... Contract amount + current tax rate.

Paid: This is the total paid, including tax. This is the estimated total paid calculated by taking the total rent paid to date and adding tax at the current tax rate. Note this will not always be the total they have paid exactly because their payments are taxed individually.

Due: This is the balance including tax but not including any other charges that may be due. This also does not include any interest due for installment or revolving interest retail sales.

Payoff: This is the customers payoff which is the balance minus any discount + tax + any current or previously unpaid other fees + any interest due. Note that the discount is only given on future rent, so if the customer is late the payoff amount would be: (balance - amount of late rent) x discount. Then the late rent amount and any current or previously unpaid late fees would be added.

SAC: This is the customers same as cash payoff if they are in the same as cash period. The same as cash payoff includes tax and any other fees due.


To go to the detailed contract info you can click on the line of the contract you wish to goto or press the # to the right of the contract on your keyboard (1-9 or a).



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