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Remote connections into RTO Pro Network

Remote connections into RTO Pro Network

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Remote connections into RTO Pro Network

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Setting up a remote connection for use with RTO Pro

Our support services do not include helping you setup remote connections. Below are some resources you can use to help you setup a remote connection into a RTO Pro network.


Remote desktop

Remote Desktop is included with all Windows computers, although if you remote into a non Server version of Windows with remote desktop the local user cannot use the computer while you are remoted in, with Windows Server you can remote in without interrupting the local user, also multiple users could remote into a server at the same time and have their own desktop.

The link below explains how to configure remote desktop.


The link below explains how to configure your router for use with remote desktop.



Remote Access Software

Remote access software such as www.gotomypc.com, www.teamviewer.com or www.showmypc.com can be used to access a computer remotely also, although these methods are not free (they may have free trials or free demo's, see their website for more info). Like remoting into a non server version of Windows with Remote Desktop when you use any of these software products to remote in the local user will be interrupted while you are accessing the computer.


Need support setting up a remote connection?

We recommend RTO Tech. They offer remote support services, contact them as listed below:

Rental Store Remote Support & Maintenance
Visit us online: http://www.RTOTech.com
E-mail: Tech@RTOTech.com
Call: 901-347-0487

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