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Customer Inquiry

Customer Inquiry

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Customer Inquiry

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Customer Menu Option "1"

This is to view customer information and contracts that are open or closed, Rental or Retail. After finding the correct customer the customers name and address information will come up with a grid showing how many Rental and Retail contracts the customer has and how many of each are open. To view Rental Contracts type "R", to view Retail Contracts type "S". The grid also displays a lot of other info about the customer.

After typing R or S the inquiry screen will come up with one of the customers agreements displayed. In the upper left corner there will be a box showing 1 of ?, ? being how many of this type contract this customer has. To go through the contracts if they have more than one push PAGE DOWN and then PAGE UP to go back to the first one.

Options available from inquiry screen:

F9 - Inventory: Push the F9 key to view the Inventory Detail for the Inventory on the currently displayed contract. The first piece of inventory will show first, to view the other inventory if multiple inventory is on the agreement push the PAGE DOWN key to go to the next piece.

F12 - History: This will display the history for the currently displayed agreement only. To see the entire history for the customer push the F12 key on the screen that displays the # of rental and retail agreements the customer has (the screen with the image above on it).

Close Contract button: This will bring up the current agreement on the close contract screen where it can be closed out.

Del./PU Receipt button: This will take you to the Delivery / Pickup screen where you can print a delivery or pickup receipt.

Print Contract button: Click this button to print the agreement for the currently displayed contract.

Print Coupons: Click this button to print Payment Coupons for the current agreement.

Print ACH Auth button: Click this button to print an ACH Authorization for the current agreement.

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