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Cash Checks

Cash Checks

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Cash Checks

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Point of Sale Menu option "B"

This function allows you to cash checks and collect a fee for the service. You can enter check categories and have fees based on these categories. To complete this function simply fill in the fields and push F6 to complete. Revenue from check cashing is shown on income reports and is separated from other revenue.

Field descriptions are below:

Check Category list: This is a list of previously saved check categories. Highlight the category you wish to use or push the F5 key to add a new category of checks. The category of checks is usually the type of check it is, payroll, personal etc. For each category of check you enter the % of the check you charge for the check cashing fee.

Check Amount: This is the amount of the check you are cashing.

Check #: This is the check number of the check you are cashing.

Check Date: Enter the date that is on the check you are cashing here.

Check Cashing Fee: This is the fee you are charging for cashing the check, it will be filled in automatically and can be adjusted manually if needed.

Cash Out to Customer: This is the amount you are giving back to the customer (check amount - cashing fee), this will be filled in automatically.

F6 - Complete: When all fields are filled in push the F6 key to complete.

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