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Load a Club Agreement

Load a Club Agreement

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Load a Club Agreement

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Point of Sale Menu option "9"

This will load a Club Only agreement. A Club Only agreement is an agreement that is for Club only and will not have any inventory attached to it. A Club agreement is an open ended agreement, it does not get paid out, it will remain active until it is closed out.

Field descriptions are below:

Contract #: This is the contract number for this Club Agreement

Type: This is the type of agreement, it cannot be changed from "B", which is a Club Only agreement.

Term: This is the term of the agreement W = weekly, M = monthly etc.

Billed: This determines whether this agreement would be billed or invoiced.

Next Due Date: Enter the next due date for this agreement, it will be defaulted to todays date + the # of days in the term chosen. You can click on the calendar to the left to select a due date also.

Processing / Other Fee: If you are charging a processing or any other fee with the down payment enter that amount here including any tax if taxable.

Club: Enter the club fee here without tax, the tax will be added automatically. Note this is the amount of club that is due each term.

# of PMTS Paid Today: Enter the # of payments they are paying down.

Total Down Payment: This is the total amount they are paying today.

Salesman: If you wish to track salesmen enter the salesman for this sale here (optional).

PO / Ref#: You can enter any PO or reference # here. This # can be included on invoices (optional).

Recurring billing pmts to Autocharge: If the customer wants to pay this contract automatically by credit card or ACH enter the # of payments they wish to autocharge each due date (the number of payments to automatically pay at 1 time, normally 1 if they are autopaying). Leave this blank or 0 if this agreement is not being autocharged.

Days before due to Autocharge: If this agreement is being autocharged by credit card or ACH enter the # of days before the due date the customer wants it to be paid. A "0" would mean it is to be charged on the due date, a "1" would mean it is to be charged 1 day before due.

Sales Tax Rate: This is the tax rate for this agreement. It will have your default rate if you need to change it you can type in the applicable rate. If you use Tax Zones you can click on the "Change Tax Zone" button to change the tax zone.

F6 Complete Button: Click this button or press the F6 key when all fields are filed in and you are ready to complete the transaction. You will be prompted if you want to print an agreement. You can edit the Club agreement in Printer / Forms Setup screen (Setup Menu option 2), it is listed as "Club Addendum" in the list of forms on the Contracts / Main tab.


This function is for use with the Club program from Benefit Marketing Solutions. Information about Benefit's service is below:


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