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Report Viewer

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Report Viewer

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The viewer is used to display reports or receipts. All reports can be displayed instead of printed by selecting the display option on the report screen. Receipts can be viewed from Print Utilities.

When viewing a report or receipt the following keys can be used to navigate around what is displayed.

Arrow keys ←→↓ move what is displayed within the current page.

Page Down key scrolls down the page and advanced to the next page if one is present when the bottom is reached.

Page Up key scrolls up the page and advances to the previous page if one is present and the top of the current page is reached.

END key will advance to the last page.

Home key will advance to the first page.

By clicking on the "Goto Page" button you can enter a page # to advance to. By clicking on the print button you can print the report. The E-mail button will enable you to send an email with the report attached. To use the Email function you have to have the SendMail function setup with your outgoing SMTP information for your email system. (For more info push F1 while in the SendMail screen)

You can also use the viewer to open files on your computers drives for viewing by clicking on the menu item that says "Viewing C:\Report###.rpro" > Open and selecting the file to open. This is useful for viewing or printing files that are saved for future reference such as depreciation reports (these reports are saved in the C:\rtowin\flips sub directory. If you are on a network system they are saved on the server computer).

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