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Corporate Edition Revision History

Corporate Edition Revision History

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Corporate Edition Revision History

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Corporate Office / Corporate Office Revision History



Update No. 1.7.78    11/2/2017    RTO Pro  Corporate Edition / Corporate Office


Fix for Excel export issues after Windows update. Ver 1.7.78 11/2/2017

Changes made for Metro2 credit reporting capability at store level. Ver 1.7.76 8/16/2017

The Daily Management Report now has "Average Remaining Months: This is the average remaining months (months to pay til contract reaches full term), for the following OPEN contract types: R,L,G,O (RTO, Lease, As Agent, Other)." Ver 1.7.75 4/26/2017

The Retail Sales Report will now display cost and total cost of items sold, same as the retail report at store level. Ver 1.7.69 10/8/2015

FTP functions changed to RTO Pro Web Services. This includes retrieval of the End of Day reports and transfer file syncs. Ver 1.7.53 4/17/2013

Changes were made to sales tax report to match changes made at store level software. Ver 1.7.52 3/26/2013

Inventory report will now give you the option to choose from all possible statuses instead of grouping together statuses like "Charge Off", "Skip". Ver 1.7.51 3/25/2013

Agreements with Club has been added to the Daily Management Report. Ver 1.7.48 2/7/2013

The Daily Management Report will now run for the newest date data has been retrieved from your stores. For instance if today is 6/2/2012 but the newest data you have from your stores is 6/1/2012, the report will be ran for 6/1/2012. Ver 1.7.31 6-26-2012

The Daily Management Report now has a check box beside the button that you can check if you want each store to be on a separate page on the report, with it unchecked the report would be a 1 page total for all stores selected. Ver 1.7.29 5-4-2012

The Inventory Transfer report can now has a check box to display the "Corporate Cost" instead of store cost(if you have corporate cost enabled in store setup). Ver 1.7.27 4-26-2012

Inventory inquiries can now be done by inventory description, similar to how it works at the store level. Ver 1.7.22 3-21-2012

"Agreement Analysis Report" has been added to the Revenue Reports Menu, option E. Ver 1.7.19 2-19-2012

In Store Setp under the "Other Settings" tab there is now an option to report an exception for inventory model, serial, vendor and category changes that are made at the store level. Note these fields are always updated to match the store records whether they are reported as an exception or not. Ver 1.7.18 1-13-2012

The Performance Report now has a row to separate remote payments (payments taken at or for other stores) from other petty cash payouts. Ver 1.7.18 1-13-2012

The Inventory Transfer Report can now be exported to Excel spreadsheet. Ver 1.7.11 9-27-2011

The Inventory Purchase Order Fill screen now has a model number search box, when you type a model number here the row with a matching model will be selected in the list. This is useful in finding the correct records when you have lots of PO inventory items. 1.7.10 8-16-2011

The depreciation report now has an option to put all retired inventory into 1 sheet in the Excel export file instead of a separate sheet for each status. Also there is a new column "Accumulated Depreciation"(cost - RBV) in the Excel spreadsheet now. Ver 1.7.9

Red enabled in report viewer (for EOD reports from the store). Ver 1.7.7 8-5-2011

If you have your settings to not report inventory agent discrepancies, date received discrepancies will not be reported either (for store that change date received to date received in store instead of when received at warehouse). Ver 1.7.7 8-5-2011

You can now run a petty cash only report from the revenue summary report screen. This will report petty cash payout info only, it can be ran as a detail where each petty cash payout will be listed or a summary which will give total by category only. Ver 1.7.5 7-24-2011

Saved depreciation reports will now use the same naming convention as store level. ""YYYY-MM 'agent name' 'tax or book'". Ver 1.7.2 7-13-2011

Print utility (F5 from main menu) has been redesigned so it now displays past depreciation reports so they can be re-printed, displayed etc. The saved Excel files are also listed and can be opened directly from this screen if you have Excel installed. Ver 1.7.2 7-13-2011

Inventory inquiry and inventory reports now have options to include or exclude "pending" inventory. Ver 1.7.1 7-11-2011

Changes made for multiple payment forms and partial credit card approvals. Ver 1.7.0 7-7-2011

Changes made for serial number 30 characters and description 250 characters. Ver 1.6.0 6-3-2011

Custom SQL String reports can now be run from Corporate/Corporate Office. It is option "D" in the revenue reports menu. Press F1 while that screen is displayed for more info. Ver 1.5.15 11-19-2010

RTO Pro Corporate Edition / Corporate Office now has a built in utility to download updates. You will enter your account ID the first time you use it and will never have to enter a password again. Call to get your companies Corporate account ID. Ver 1.5.6 10-15-2010

The Daily Management Report will not include Club Only agreements in the agreement count now. Ver 1.5.5 10-10-2010

Changes made for the Central Server Edition of RTO Pro, including sync function to be able to sync records with the Central server version of RTO Pro. Ver 1.5.0 10-1-2010

The Performance Report will not include Club agreements in the total contract counts or the overdue contract counts now. Ver 1.4.77 10/7/2010

The Retail Sales report will now flag items marked as non-taxable with a "*", the same as the retail sales report through RTO Pro. Ver 1.4.76 10/6/2010

Daily Management Report has been added to RTO Pro Corporate / Corporate Office. Its can be found on the revenue menu. Ver 1.4.69 6-13-2010

You can now receive (fill) previous purchase order requests at Corporate Office now. You will be able to fill in the cost, corporate cost if you use it, serial number and retail. If the PO is in a stores inventory a transfer file will be created to update the record in the store data, the transfer file can be sent via FTP sync. Ver 1.4.64 4-13-2010

Redesigned the inventory and customer selection list pages with a free scrolling grid. Pulling the list will be much faster as only 132 records will be pulled at a time with more records pulled as needed as you scroll through the records. Ver 1.4.64 4-13-2010

Added the following depreciation types: MACRS 150DB HY Convention,  MACRS 150DB MQ Convention and  MACRS 200DB HY Convention with 50% Bonus depreciation. Ver 1.4.61 3-19-2010

You can create purchase order inventory at Corporate Office now and automatically create transfer files that will be sent by FTP to the store(s) the order is for. Ver 1.4.55 3-1-2010

When processing end of day files from stores there is now an option to display all EOD reports together. This is the default option now instead of printing. They can be printed from the display screen, you can also set it to automatically print instead of display in Store Setup under the "Processing Options" tab. Ver 1.4.44 2-8-2010

Lifecycle export function added to the Customer Menu. Ver 1.4.38 - 1.4.43 2-8-2010

ACH deposits have a separate row on the performance report now. Ver 1.4.37 1-29-2010

For Inventory reports "Turns Layout (X cost)" has been added as a layout option. Note this is only available when "Use master Inventory" from the select stores form is unchecked. Ver 1.4.36 1-28-2010

Days late when closed has been added to the contract transaction report as well as the customer listing report for closed contracts. Idle days has been added to inventory report for stock inventory (days in stock since last rental return). Ver 1.4.36 1-27-2010

The depreciation reports will now have the breakdown for end of life depreciation items (inventory that has fully depreciated because they reached the end of their depreciation term). Ver 1.4.34 1-22-2010

You can do inventory transfers from Corporate Office now by Internet FTP the same as through RTO Pro now. Ver 1.4.33 1-20-2010

You can customize the overdue date ranges that print on the performance report and the overdue customer list now. This is setup in store setup under a new "Other" tab. Ver 1.4.32 1-15-2010

Added "Float" (rent $ past due, the amount of rent that would be collected if all overdue accounts paid up to today) has been added to the performance report. Ver 1.4.28 1-7-2010

The depreciation report will now create an Excel spreadsheet with all the inventory being depreciated in it. It will contain separate sheets for normal depreciation as well as sold, paid out and charge offs. After the depreciation report is ran the spreadsheet will display in Excel automatically. Ver 1.4.27 12-10-2009

The report viewer has been changed to the same as RTO Pro, it now has the ability to export and email reports in Excel and HTML formats. Ver 1.4.27 12-10-2009

Inventory transfer out but not in report was displaying the last transfer in date instead of the transfer out date. Fixed Ver 1.4.23 10-28-2009

Inventory Transfer report has been added to Corporate Office. You can also check a box when running depreciation to have a transfer report attached to the depreciation report automatically. Ver 1.4.22 10-15-2009

Active inventory counts and totals have been added to the depreciation reports at Corporate Office, it will print each stores totals and the company total for all inventory still company owned (stock, rented, leased and loaner). Ver 1.4.13 9-19-2009

Time clock reports can be ran at Corporate Office now. Ver 1.4.9 9-11-2009

Data fields added to databases and other changes made for new features in RTO Pro. Ver 1.4.0 - 1.4.8

Changed were made to enable remote payment capability at stores. Ver 1.3.53 8-16-2009

You can run inventory reports by status "DELETED" now. Ver 1.3.49 7-22-2009

Improved processing of end of day reports from stores. Ver 1.3.49 7-22-2009

You can now depreciate using the "Income Forecasting Depreciation method". Ver 1.3.43 7-14-2009

When the overdue customer list is ran as a summary report it will have multiple stores on the same page now. Ver 1.3.40 5-21-2009

If you try to process a complete data set while another Corporate Office user or another instance of Corporate Office has the data file for that store open the system would crash, this has been changed to notify you that the file cannot be processed until other users are out of the system. Ver 1.3.39 5-5-2009

You can now view, edit and receive inventory with individual pricing, the same as through RTO Pro. Ver 1.3.38 4-29-2009

Report viewer has been changed to allow multi page scrolling the same as RTO Pro. Ver 1.3.31 3-25-2009

Enhanced many reports to match reports in RTO Pro. Also made changes for new database used at Corporate Office and RTO Pro. Ver 1.3.0 to 1.3.30 February and March 2009.

Changes made for compatibility with version 5.2.185 of RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.84 10-14-2008

Added Inventory Vendor to Corporate Office in Inventory Inquiry / Maintenance and also receiving. Ver 1.2.83 9-15-2008

Changes made for compatibility with changes in RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.80 8-7-2008

Contract Transaction Report added to Corporate Office. Ver 1.2.79 7-19-2008

Total rent paid to date for contracts opened during report date range has been added to the Performance Report. Ver 1.2.78 7-17-2008

Club export functions were changed to Benefit Marketing Solutions specs. Ver 1.2.77 7-15-2008

Date range text boxes for reports were changed to the same type date boxes as in RTO Pro with the improved calendar that you can choose a date range with. Ver 1.2.77 7-15-2008

When processing store data if an item has a different cost at Corporate Office vs store and the difference is less than a penny EG 20.00 vs 20.001 it would generate an exception but the amount displayed would be the same as it would only display to the penny, this has been changed. Ver 1.2.75 7-2-2008

The Corporate Office Backup program now has a restore function that can be used when moving Corporate Office to a new computer. Ver 1.2.74 6-28-2008

The overdue customer list was not displaying correctly if you ran it as a summary for multiple stores (over 5). Fixed Ver 1.2.74 6-4-2008

The Corporate Office FTP program will now retrieve IIF files by FTP if they are sent separate from the normal End of Day files from the stores and it will combine multiple IIF files for multiple stores / dates into 1 file that can be imported in just one import function in QuickBooks. There is also a delete button you can click in the Corporate Office FTP program to delete the IIF files after they are imported in QuickBooks, this prevents you from accidentally importing the same file multiple times. If the IIF files are included in your normal End of Day files they will be combined when the stores files are processed in Corporate Office. Ver 1.2.72 4-28-2008

If your stores are setup to create IIF files to import deposits into QuickBooks the IIF files from all stores will now be saved in the "C:\RTOho\IIF Files\" folder for easy access to all files. Ver 1.2.71 4-18-2008

In Setup in Corporate Office there is now a setting to default all reports to display instead of print. They can be printed from the viewer. Ver 1.2.71 4-18-2008

If your stores use tax zones and did not have the city and county rates filled in it would generate an error when running the Tax Report from Corporate Office. Fixed Ver 1.2.70 4-18-2008

Changes made in Corporate Office for ACH in RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.69 4-16-2008

Performance report now prints "Rental Income for Payoffs" and "Rental Income -Payoffs". Payoffs would be any money taken during a contract close. Ver 1.2.69 4-16-2008

Floor Plan Agents will now be displayed for inventory during transfers out and also print on the transfer report. Ver 1.2.67-1.2.68 4-11-2008

If you have the network version of Corporate Office and were on a workstation the floor plan agent list would not display on the inventory report screen. Fixed Ver 1.2.67 4-11-2008

Added checkboxes to "Skip ALL Non-Serialized" and "Skip Non-Serialized with 0 Quantity" to the inventory reports. Ver 1.2.66

When doing Inventory Transfer from Corporate Office you can now email the transfer file through the RTO Pro SendMail utility. Ver 1.2.65 3-18-2008

Contract Markup Report has been added to Corporate Office. Ver 1.2.64 3-13-2008

Further enhancements to processing data from stores that have not upgraded to newer versions when their Corporate Office has. Fixed the following conditions: If you upgrade Corporate Office after a upgrade with data changes and a store does not upgrade, they then send you a complete data set, then the store upgrades and sends a normal data set. Previously this would cause an error during processing. Ver 1.2.63 3-3-2008

The customers cell phone and other phone #'s will now be displayed at Corporate Office on payment and customer inquiry screen. Ver 1.2.62 2-28-2008

If you entered an address longer than 25 characters in Store Setup it would generate an error. This has been changed to only allow 25 characters or less to be entered. Ver 1.2.61 2-21-2008

Updated Corporate Office with new version of custom controls for compatibility with RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.60 2-15-2008

Made changes for compatibility with RTO Pro Ver 1.2.57-1.2.58 2-7-2008

If you try to add a new inventory category from inventory maintenance it would generate an error. Fixed Ver 1.2.56 1-25-2008

Corporate Office has been changed to better handle version conflicts with multiple stores not having the same version of RTO Pro and sending data to Corporate Office. Before this update if Corporate Office updated to a new version which included data changes and a store did not update, then the store sent a complete data set, then the store updates and sends a normal EOD data set it would cause an error. This behavior has been changed to check for these instances and process the data without an error. Note: Corporate Office and RTO Pro stores should always install upgrades at the same time but this upgrade will prevent errors when they do not. Ver 1.2.55 1-18-2008

Corporate Office install program changed to Installshield 2008. Ver 1.2.55 1-18-2008

The following has been added to the performance report: Overdue # of contracts and overdue contracts by # of days late. Also the performance report will now respond to the mouse wheel scroll button. Ver 1.2.54 1-14-2008

The new Tax Zone features in the Sales Tax report were added at Corporate Office. The report will now print the city, county, state breakdown the same as RTO Pro. (Only applicable if your stores use Tax Zones) Ver 1.2.53 12-27-2007

Improved processing of stores data when stores are not updated with the newest version of RTO Pro and the Corporate Office is. Ver 1.2.52 12-26-2007

The Performance Report was not including Cash Advance Loans paid in the shortage column calculation. Fixed Ver 1.2.50

You can set stock #'s to auto generate now if you receive inventory at Corporate Office. Ver 1.2.49

You can use the Price Quote function from RTO Pro Corporate Office now. Ver 1.2.45

Color scheme of Corporate Office has been changed to be more uniform. Ver 1.2.45

Changed Inventory Report to handle Agent selection better. Ver 1.2.43

Made changes for compatibility with RTO Pro update Ver 5.1.88. Ver 1.2.39 to 1.2.42

Fixed records not matching when processing store data caused by more comments changes. Ver 1.2.38

The new More Comments form from RTO Pro has been added to Corporate Office. Ver 1.2.37

Changes were made to keep compatible with the latest version of RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.33 to 1.2.36

Inventory report records can now be exported to an external database file from the Inventory Report screen. Also you can exclude items by cost for instance "Cost > 200". Ver 1.2.32

You can now delete master model records if you have master inventory enabled. Ver 1.2.31

On the 3 line Inventory Report if an item is sold the sales price will now be printed. Ver 1.2.28

The payment report will now print a separate line showing Bonus Bucks spent on transactions where Bonus Bucks are used towards a payment. Ver 1.2.26

RTO Pro Corporate Office Network version was storing the agent.dat file in the localpath instead of the datapath. Fixed Ver 1.2.25

If you do depreciation at Corporate Office you can now enter an agent with the name "ALL AGENTS". Running depreciation for this agent will depreciate all inventory no matter what agent name it has. If you are using "ALL AGENTS" it should be the only agent you depreciate. Ver 1.2.24

If Master Inventory is used at Corporate Office and Corporate Cost is used when processing stores data the corporate cost at Corporate Office will be made to = stores cost if corporate cost = 0. Ver 1.2.22

When an inventory item is in service a * will be printed next to the status to show it is in service on Inventory Reports. Ver 1.2.21

Inventory reports can now be run with a service status of In Service, it is listed as one of the selections under the status selection listbox. Ver 1.2.21

The performance report now displays retail interest collected. Ver 1.2.20

The performance report now shows total rental money collected on down payments on new rentals. Ver 1.2.18

The cash price and same as cash expiration date will now be displayed in contract inquiry screen. Ver 1.2.18

Enhancements were made to the depreciation report to make it easier to read. Ver 1.2.17

When running depreciation at Corporate Office inventory that was part of a pending transfer were handled the same as charged off inventory. Fixed Ver 1.2.17

You can now have Tax and Book depreciation at Corporate Office, and both types can be setup with a different depreciation type. Ver 1.2.16

Changes were made to Corporate Office to work with upgraded versions of RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.7 - 1.2.16

The NCA club report (National Club Administrators) export files have been changed to NCA’s new specs. Ver 1.2.7

When printing labels you now have the option to print postcards. It is designed for 4 up postcards that are printed in landscape. Ver 1.2.6

Inventory depreciation at Corporate Office can now be setup for non calendar year business's. This can be setup on a agent by agent basis. Ver 1.2.5

Changes were made at Corporate Office for the new Inventory Control functions in RTO Pro. Ver 1.2.1

The Inventory Depreciation function at Corporate Office has been improved to show sold, paid out and skips separately the same as RTO Pro does it. You also have the option to display the report instead of printing it (it can be printed from the viewer). Ver 1.1.99

Changes have been made to handling of master inventory records to catch possible duplicate "hokeys". The Corporate Office Key is an internal number that is used to identify inventory, these numbers are generated based on the store number that receives the inventory and they must be unique company wide. Duplicate hokeys can be present if 2 stores are setup as the same store number. Ver 1.1.99

The confirm exit screen has been removed, when you hit ESC from the main menu RTO Pro Corporate Office will exit without a confirmation. Ver 1.1.99

Interface has been updated for the new higher resolution screen size. Ver 1.1.98

If you do depreciation at Corporate Office you can now have depreciation start when inventory is rented instead of after received. Ver 1.1.98

If you transferred inventory out of Corporate Office you could not transfer it back in. Fixed Ver 1.1.95

Fixed a bug that would in some instances cause a "Records do not match" message when processing a stores data when the records actually do match. Ver 1.1.94

When processing files from stores if a file is corrupted it will now be skipped and deleted automatically and will not cause the Corporate Office program to crash. Ver 1.1.93

You can now print Delivery Receipts from Corporate Office. Ver 1.1.91

You now have a choice when running the Bonus depreciation at Corporate Office to either use the 50% or the 30% additional first year depreciation. You can claim an extra 30% depreciation for property acquired from 9-11-2001 to 12-31-2004 and 50% depreciation for property acquired from 5-6-2003 to 12-31-2004. Ver 1.1.90

Changes were made for the new "Deposit" feature in RTO Pro. Ver 1.1.88

The performance report late BOR% and days late range for BOR was using the number of late contracts instead of BOR count. Fixed Ver 1.1.85

Improved printing of the performance report, so commas do not look like periods when printed. Also changed the Idle BOR # to be the count of all stock inventory. Ver 1.1.84

Added rows for Cash Advance Out, Cash Advance in, Check Cashing fee and total checks cashed to the performance report. Ver 1.1.84

In the Revenue Reports menu there is now a new "Performance Report". This report will display various performance information about all of your stores or selected stores only. It also gives a total and an average at the end of the report. This report can be printed or exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet also. Ver 1.1.83









Corporate Office changes were not tracked separately before Version 1.1.83.



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