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New Users Start Here

New Users Start Here

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New Users Start Here

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New users should read the following help topics, in the order they are here to get started.


1. Keys used commonly throughout RTO Pro.


2. Terms Used in This Manual and RTO Pro


3. Getting Started


4. After reading the topics above you should be ready to setup your store settings / preferences (Setup Menu option 1), see the topic below for more info.

Store Setup Information


5. Now you should be ready to start loading your inventory, customers and contracts. There are some instruction videos on our website that will show several functions in RTO Pro, such as how to receive inventory, load a contract etc. You should watch these videos. Remember you can pause the videos and load your data along with the videos.

The video web address is: http://www.rtopro.com/video_main.html


6. Now you should be ready to start loading your data, see the topic below to get started. Remember when you are loading inventory, customers and contracts in RTO Pro and you're not sure what something is you can always press the "F1" key on your keyboard to bring up context sensitive help.

Beginning to load your customer and inventory data.


7. Receive your inventory first See Receiving.


8. Then you will be ready to load contracts, See New Rental / Lease Contracts



After you have loaded your Inventory, customers and agreements visit the topics below.

9. Instructions for setting up depreciation


10. Backing up your Data

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