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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of contracts can be printed?

A: Any contract that can be run through a printer can be setup for printing or you can have RTO Pro print your entire contract on blank paper. The contract layout is easily edited for your specific contract or we can give you a source to purchase contracts that we have layouts premade for. We will also create a layout for you for no extra charge if you send us 10 of your contracts.


Q: Is support available?

A: Yes, you get 90 days free support and upgrades when you purchase the full version of the software. After that support is $40.00 per incident and upgrades are $299.00 to $599.00 depending on how long it has been since your last upgrade. Or you can select our Gold Support Plan which includes unlimited support and free upgrades for only $50.00 per month or $450.00 a year per store.


Q: How many customers can RTO Pro handle?

A: That is limited only by the size of your hard drive, basically it is unlimited.


Q: With RTO Pro can you take payments on customers with multiple contracts simultaneously.

A: Yes, a customer can have up to 10 active contracts (and each contract can have up to 10 inventory items on it) and you can take a payment on all of them or just the ones you want. You can take partial payments on some and full payments on others at the same time also, or multiple payments. You can also select for each separate contract the # of payments, the amount or the date you want it to be paid through. Even with multiple contracts and each one being paid differently.


Q: How much does RTO Pro cost?

A: See Ordering Information


Q: Are there security features and password protection in RTO Pro?

A: Yes there are 5 employee security levels, you determine what your employees can do based on the level you assign them and the required level you set each password protected function to. For instance you could set yourself to a level 5 and set all other employees at 4 or below, then set delete inventory to a level 5, this means only you would be able to delete inventory.


Q: Does RTO Pro do billing / invoicing.

A: Yes, when you load contracts you select whether you want them to be billed or not, you can even customize the layout of the invoice. See Billing and Edit Letters.


Q: How do you get from one field (a text box where you can enter information) to another on a screen?

A: The Tab key is used to move from field to field, or you can click on the field you want to get to with the mouse. See Keys used commonly in RTO Pro.


Q: Is RTO Pro reliable and upgraded often?

A: Yes, RTO Pro is continually upgraded and is written with the most advanced programming languages on the market.


Q: Can I set up additional printers to print reports, etc?

A: Yes you can have up to 4 printers and select which one you want to print receipts, invoices and letters, reports and contracts. See Printer Setup.


Q: Do the programmers of RTO Pro know anything about the rental business?

A: Yes, the lead programmer has had 12 years experience in the rental business and all programmers for FutureWare Enterprises, Inc. have ongoing experience in our own rental and retail store in Zephyrhills Fl.


Q: Can RTO Pro have different tax rates for different contracts?

A: Yes, when you setup your store information you enter a default tax rate, but when you load sales and rentals you can enter a different rate for each one as you load them. RTO Pro also supports tax zones for destination based tax states.


Q: With RTO Pro can you switch out inventory that is out on rent to a customer with another unit without closing out the contract and reloading it?

A: Yes, you can also change payment amounts, due dates, contract amounts and you can even add a piece of inventory to a contract after it is loaded. See Contract Maintenance.


Q: What is a Network Site License?

A: The license for the standalone version of RTO Pro allows you to install the software to only one computer. The Network Version Site License allows you to install the software on as many networked computers as you want in one location with 1 shared dataset. See RTO Pro License / Version Comparison.


Q: What is the best printer configuration to use in a store?

A: This will vary depending on your needs and budget but probably the most popular setup is to have a Star TSP-100 receipt printer for receipts and a Laser printer such as a Brother HL-1440 for letters, reports, contracts and invoices (Deskjet and other Inkjet printers can be used also though Laser printers are faster). (See ordering info for receipt printer pricing, Brother laser printers can be found at many office supply stores.)


Q: What are the hardware requirements for RTO Pro?

A: See System Requirements.


Q: I'm ready to start using RTO Pro in my business, how can I order it?

A: See Support and Ordering Information..


To see a complete feature list visit the features page on our website by clicking here.

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