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Just a few Features of RTO Pro:

Click here to visit our website for a complete feature list.

*Rental and Retail sales.

*Cash Advance transactions and printing of Cash Advance agreements.

*Ability to print different contracts for different contract types.

*On Screen Collections (On Screen Account Manager)

*Customer labels and form letters.

*All Software and Updates shipped on CD-ROM and available to download through the internet.

*Integrated Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Check Guarantee with X-Charge (Included for FREE with RTO Pro!).

*Integrated ACH Payments

*Integrated SMS Texting Service for sending and receiving text from your customers and employees

*Integrated Email capabilities

*Multiple Contract payments.

*Complete Inventory control.

*Inventory Depreciation.

*Inventory Transfers for Multiple Stores.

*Airtime Accounts.

*Automatic Late Fee Capability.

*Revenue Reports.

*Customer List Reports.

*Inventory Reports.

*Built in Calculator.

*Display or Print all Reports.

*BOR Reports.

*Personalized Messages on Receipts.

*Serialized and Non-Serialized Inventory.

*Quick keys to get to Payment Screen from anywhere (F2 key).

*On Screen Context Sensitive Help available from anywhere (F1 key).

*Sales Tax Report, makes it easy to fill out your monthly sales tax returns.

*Printing Utility to reprint receipts and reports, even partial reports.

*Send out Late Notices and letters from On Screen Account Manager.

*Automatically moves dates partial periods for partial payments.

*You can specify different Sales Tax Rates for each contract and sale, tax zones are available for destination based tax states.

*Print Customer Mailing Labels using many popular label sizes and layouts. Customer selection for the labels can be done by status (IE: Open, Paid Out etc.), by contract or closed date, or by # of months remaining.

*On Screen Account Management. Makes account management easier and faster. No need to print a late report everyday and transfer comments, with this, you do it right on the computer and comments are saved automatically!

*Billing, RTO Pro will fill in a preprinted Invoice or you can create one from scratch using an internal editor or Microsoft Word. *Use Word for Windows to create Invoice Templates for Billing, use different fonts, colors, sizes etc. Take advantage of the power of Word to create Invoices and Letters and then print through RTO Pro

*Use up to 6 different printers. With the Network Version you can have up to 6 printers for each computer on the network! You can select a different printer for reports, receipts, invoices and contracts etc. Keeps you from having to change paper in one printer constantly.

*Support for small receipt printers. You can print receipts on 3" roll paper printers. Such as the Star TSP 100 Receipt Printer

*Daily Income and Deposit Reports. RTO Pro comes with a separate utility that allows you to enter your nightly deposit and any cash payouts etc. then will print a report and save a file which can be faxed, e-mailed or sent through modem to a home office.

*Should any custom reports be required data can be retrieved using Windows programs such as Microsoft’s Access, Word, Excel, Seagate Crystal Reports and many others.

*Contract Printing, create your own complete contract or have it fill in the blanks on a form contract. You can use any contract that can be run through a printer or print the complete contract on plain paper. Compatible for use with contracts in all 50 states and Canada.

*Inventory Agent Flips. Transfer inventory from your retail financing agent to your rental agent and print a report with all the details. Along with the depreciation reports this makes depreciating inventory automatic!

*Inventory Switchout on open Contracts. You don’t have to close out a contract and reopen to switchout a piece of inventory.

*Contract Maintenance on open contracts, you can change the payment amount, terms etc. without closing the contract.

*Auto Dial in On Screen Account Manager (Windows Version only). When calling late customers RTO Pro will dial the phone for you, call through the lates in record time.

*From the payment screen you can pull up Contract Detail Info and also Inventory Detail Info without exiting payments.

*When you take payments on customers with multiple contracts you can specify different payment amounts, # of payments or date to pay through for each contract.

*Create and Print Letters with the internal editor or use Microsoft Word to create letters and print through RTO Pro.

*Up to 10 open contracts per customer with up to 10 inventory items on each contract.

*Unlimited number of customers.

*No nightly closing procedure is required, just turn off the computer and go home!

*Automatic Database Utilities to rebuild and Compress Databases in the event of data corruption due to power failure etc.

*Data Backup Utility

*On screen windows based help system.

*Toll Free Support

All this without

breaking the bank!!

See Support and Ordering information for Current Prices.

But Don’t take our word for it, try out the demo and see for yourself.

We are always updating RTO Pro and adding new features to it, so if you need some features that aren’t on it now contact us and we may be able to add it on in the future.


If you would like to place an order or have any problems, comments or suggestions feel free to call.



E-Mail: Sales@rtopro.com

Visit our Web Site at:


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