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Inventory Inquiry and Maintenance

Inventory Inquiry and Maintenance

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Inventory Inquiry and Maintenance

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Inventory Menu Option "1"

To begin the inquiry or maintenance enter a model #, serial # or category to search by, then select the item from the list you wish to edit or inquire on. The functions that can be done from this screen are described below.

F4-Delete: This will delete the inventory record permanently. The unit must be stock to perform this function.

F6-Change Status: This will change the status depending on the current status the following changes are possible.

Current Status

Possible Changes





F7-Price Quote: This will display the Price Quote screen that displays rental and retail prices, a price quote form can also be printed from the price quote screen..

F8-Change Bor Yes/No: This will change the bor from yes to no and vice versa.

F9-Change Rental/Retail: This will change the item from rental to retail inventory and vice versa.

F11-Maintenance: This will allow you to change most detail items of the inventory, if the inventory is stock you can also change the model and serial #.

F12-Switchout: This will allow you to change model and serial # on a piece even if it is sold or rented. This would mainly be used for instances when a piece of inventory is returned to a supplier and replaced with another. DO NOT USE THIS TO SWITCHOUT INVENTORY WHEN YOU WANT THE OLD PIECE TO REMAIN IN YOUR RECORDS. THIS PROCEDURE WILL DELETE THE OLD RECORD. When you are switching out a piece of inventory with a customer and the old piece is returning to stock use SWITCHOUT / MAINTENANCE under POINT OF SALE.

"Verify Service Status" function can be accessed from the Function Keys menu list from Inventory Inquiry and Maintenance, by clicking on it or by pushing Alt-F then clicking on Verify Service Status. This will verify the service status of an inventory item. If it is not found in the service database the service status will be changed to not in service.

Rental Rates grid: The rental rates grid (pictured below) allows you to enter the # of payments and the payment amounts that you wish to rent this item out for. Note this is only to be used when you wish to use individual pricing instead of category markup to determine payment amounts on this item. If this is left blank pricing will default to pricing by Category Markup method.


Always start with the shortest term and then longer terms (# of payments) as you work down. You can list up to 6 different terms for monthly and weekly payments. For more info on how pricing works in RTO Pro see the "Pricing Setup" help topic in the RTO Pro help file.


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