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Importing Customer Info

Importing Customer Info

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Importing Customer Info

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You can import customer information  from a CSV file. Below is a sample command line you could use to import customer info from a CSV file.


"c:\rtowin\rto-win.exe -importcust c:\app.csv"


The command line above would import the file "app.csv" located on the C drive.


The fields in the CSV file can be in any order, the first line of the file must be the field name headers.


To see what fields can be imported click here. If the field names do not match this list, nothing will get imported.


Below is a sample CSV file with 2 records with just a few fields imported, you can have as many records as you want in each CSV file. The field names can be in any order but they have to be the exact field names as shown in the topic here and the file has to contain a header line with the field names in it.



"DOE,JOHN","1000 ANY Street","Eustis","FL","32726","7-Eleven"

"SMITH,JOE","1500 Any Street","Eustis","FL","32726","Wal-Mart"




After you have the CSV file ready and saved on your computer follow the steps below to pass a command line to RTO Pro to import the info from the CSV file. The steps below assume RTO Pro is installed in the "C:\rtowin" folder and the CSV file you want to pass is "C:\app.csv". If these values are different on your system change the info below as needed.


1.  Click the Windows Start button, Click All Programs, then Click the "Accessories" folder, under this folder you will see an icon for "Command Prompt", click this icon. This will open a command prompt window.

2. In the command prompt window type the following command, then press the ENTER key:

c:\rtowin\rto-win.exe -importcust c:\app.csv


This will import the customer info from your CSV file into RTO Pro.



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